ZOOM / HD VIDEO CAMERAS                                                                           

Inspecam HD-IP  / HD-IPS  
Network camera with high quality streaming: 1280960 (HD-IP) or 20481536 (HD-IPS) Live images can
be monitored at 30 fps. Dual streaming for transmission of images with different angles of view. Backlight compensation enables clearer images in a bright environment. Three video compression modes: (video codecs) JPEG/MPEG4/H.264
Up to 5 users can view images from one camera at the same time.
Date & time can be superimposed on images.
  PoE compliant.


Inspecam HD / HDX      
HD camera for applications at 250, 2000, 4000 or 6000 meters depth.
The Inspecam HD incorporates a 10X optical zoom lens, achieving an outstanding zoom capability of up to 120X when used in combination with the digital zoom.


Inspecam Z / ZX

Rugged and high performance camera with 18X optical zoom and autofocus, for inspections from 250 m to 2000 m depth.
Automatically compensated for mechanical misalignment of the lens, which may occur over a long period of continuous usage. An algorithm for lens-life extension controls the autofocus function to provide extended lens life and steady image quality.

Datasheet Z                      ZX